Rejected Because I’m a Hijabi

Photo taken by @riendahaifa

Just the other day, I instructed one of the contributing writers at work to write a piece about the much improved image of diversity in the beauty industry. For example, Becca’s  latest nude lippies collection for every skintone, and L’Oreal with it’s latest Independence Day campaign in Indonesia, featuring influencers with L’Oreal’s drugstore game-changer True Match range. And she beautifully added Covergirl #LashEquality campaign as another example that, slowly but surely, the beauty industry is getting more and more inclusive. How wonderful.

Can you imagine how I felt when at the same day, I got informed that I couldn’t shoot a sponsored video at work for a new powder foundation, because I’m a hijabi? At first, the brand agreed with me being a talent, just to cancel it the next day. Reason being, they didn’t want a hijabi to first introduce the new produt to our viewers.

It was not the first time that Annetta, a hijabi, is not an option for a sponsored publisihing, because some brands afraid it’d create specific image about them as a brand. I don’t know what the other brands are, because they never agree-then-disagree to feature me, like this. What’s funny is, this brand, has worked with hijab-wearing influencers before. So I don’t understand this “rejection”.

And I can’t rant as if this brand is anti-hijabis, because obviously it’s not. But based on the brand’s people reason, it’s totally a “special treatment” for hijabis. This is Indonesia; hijabis are everywhere. Aren’t you limiting your chance of greater awareness and interest to your product, with this advertising policy? You may say it’s your company’s value. I say, in this day and age, it’s a major setback to the industry.

So, as a beauty enthusiast and proud hijab wearer, I’m just going to pray some stereotypes in beauty will change for good, and throw my favorite liquid eyeliner, Silkygirl Perfect Matte Liquid Eyeliner, because obviously, now I have an issue with the Silkygirl brand.

XOXO, Annetta.

8 thoughts on “Rejected Because I’m a Hijabi

  1. Nice to hear more from You now, Ms. Anetta, glad u have a blog now. Sorry to hear this news from you, even in a moslem-majority country. Yep it is, this world is pretty confusing.

    Actually waited for you to be on FD’s YouTube Channel again!

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  2. Thank you for sharing kak nett.
    Aku juga punya pengalaman yang sama soal “rejection” ini. Dulu aku pernah melamar kerja di salah satu perusahaan retail, lucunya kualifikasi, pengalaman, dan segala tetek bengek udah lolos-lolos aja bahkan udah ditanyaian penempatan segala. tapi pertanyaan terakhir yg bikin nyesek, “mbak hijabnya aktif atau engga ya?” sampe ga ngerti lagi maksud pertanyaannya. memang ada hijabi aktif dan hijabi pasif ya. ya singkat cerita dia gagal meloloskan aku yg berhijab karena katanya kliennya kebanyakan dari luar indonesia


  3. Hi Kak Anet, alhamdulillah I’m a hijabi juga and currently I am working in US company for a MT program..dari sekitar 160 org around the world, aku satu2nya yg pake Hijab.. beberapa bolak balik US juga ga pernah ada masalah hamdallah.. sedih denger ceritanya malah di Indo ada kasus kaya gini.. tapi believe ya ka Allah pasti kasih yg terbaik untuk kita nantinya, begitu juga untuk Kak Anet, hopefully someday there is another big brand company that realizes your potential rather than only from your hijab.. bismillaaaah, semangat terus kaaa!


    1. Amiin, thank you for the kind words ya 🙂 Campaign beauty di US nggak pake model hijab, masih bisa banget di mengerti secara Muslim minoritas. Tapi ini di Indonesia, bukan jadi ambassador pula kan ya maksudnya; I felt insulted TBH.


  4. Just started reading your blog. That really sucked. Doesn’t make sense at all for a beauty brand entering the Indonesian market but rejecting hijabi talents. Hoping more doors open for you & they learn their lesson.


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