Words to Live By

She finished another Tolstoy’s classic and ready for another breath. Maybe a throwback to Judy Blaume?

But then midnight arrived, and her eyes gave up. Morning came short after; time to feel a little dead inside. To all the fake smiles, generic sights, trolls in social media, and whatnot.

A quickie during lunchtime always saved her, until her life really began hours later: the moment she opened a book and breathed strangers’ words.

That evening, Judy Blaume brought her back to life.

2 thoughts on “Words to Live By

  1. Dear Ka Annetta. This is kind of an appreciation comment for you. I’m so in love with your words. I think you’re so great at writing, you surely have beautiful word to spill out.
    I just want you to know that i’m the fan of your WordPress, so don’t stop filling it with much inspirations cause i’m starving for them.

    Anyway i’ve never known Chris Cornell because i didn’t grow up in that music atmosphere, but your page about him is soooo touching i feel like my eyes were so close to tears 😭
    And your flash fiction. Seriously i am so very mucho liking it like i can’t stop craving for more.

    I hope this comment will get you a little more spirit or power to write more more and more.
    Love you always kak

    Nurul Abidah


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