My Beauty Influence Might Explain Your Hate

Okay, hate is a strong word, and maybe I am exaggerating. But it is the word I choose to label the negative responds I received lately about my makeup preference.


It’s pathetic and kind of funny actually, when a YouTube comment said I looked too glowy from highlighter the other day. Little did she know, I had no highlighter on, and that’s basically just the “glow” of my nine-hours-long-worn makeup. I actually appreciate this comment, because I learned that I have to powder my mug more before video shoots. Some people have no idea that being gifted with dry skin, I actually don’t mind looking kind of shiny. It’s better than dull-matte (not good-matte) complexion that sometimes is spiced with yucky flakes, and tight feeling around the mouth. Well, maybe some people really have to wait until they age with wrinkles to relate to this. LOL.

Lucky them, woe is me!

Enough with the intro, and let’s move to what bugs me the most: people freaking out at my smoky eyes and lip gloss. At my bright peach eyeshadow. I thought, all those filter-perfect, highlighter on point, brows on fleek moments all around Instagram are symbols of unanimous, modern day acceptance toward creativity in beauty.


“I don’t like her makeup. It’s too much.”

“You highlight too much. Maybe you should tone down the lips a little bit, or the green eyeshadow.”

Oh, heaven knows all the things I’d like to say here. But I’ve come to conclusion that all the “hate” is actually coming from people that don’t know me, so they don’t know “who I am”.

People that know me, especially ones that do for years, won’t jump over my “too much” makeup options. Back in college, me sporting a peacock eyes, or sculpted face, was not a rare sight. I think, over the years, my mates learned that I loved makeup, and even more, they learned how I liked to do my makeup.

Examples are:


annetta-darandri-makeup-3 (1)

They were smart enough to see that it was not too much. Just different.

My enthusiasm toward beauty and makeup, started all the way back when I was like ten, or eleven. Of course there was no such thing as beauty influencers, beauty vloggers, or Instagram, that have become people’s main beauty reference this day and age. Back then, local magazines were my only source of inspirations. Professional makeup artists were the only influencers you got to know, through magazine covers, advertorials, fashion week trend reports, and editorial shots.

(Can’t you tell already, where this is going?)

Gucci Westman, Pat McGrath, Tom Pecheux, Mary Greenwell, Gusnaldi and Qiqi Franky were the well-respected  names I discovered around this time. They worked closely with the fashion industry, so of course there’s more concept and fantasy to their works. I grew up looking up to them, and they still heavily influence me, up until today.

Tom Pecheux Image source:

So of course you can’t blame me if pretty makeup with flawless complexion and neutral eyes is not always my go-to. My fellow Indonesians, you might see that kind of look done repeatedly by your favorite local MUA through their IG feeds that you follow and love religiously, but makeup is not one look.

Just because a look isn’t natural, and has more colors, doesn’t mean that it’s too much.

Smoky eyes

According to me: A Look

According to “netizens” : Too much makeup

I’ve been laughing everytime I get to sit alone, drown in thoughts. People complain about my makeup looks today. What would they say, if I still do my makeup the way I would, like, five years a go?

There are only two rules in my book, when it comes to makeup: 1. Foundation should look like skin, and 2. Eyebrows should look like eyebrows. I’m grateful for being heavily influenced by editorial makeup, because I can see makeup as more than flawless face, or symmetrical eyebrows.

I am afraid that this post would be useless, because sometimes the harshest comments come from internet trolls, our young teens, that leave a comment here and there just because they can. That really can say something annoying, but think it’s OK because they end it with #nooffense.

Now that people get to know my background and my beauty influence better, think I can hope to hear less about my glossy lips.

It’s called glossy for a reason, duh.




7 thoughts on “My Beauty Influence Might Explain Your Hate

  1. Where’s the like button to abuse at times like this 😅
    CAN I HUG YOU MBAK NETTA?! //squishes

    I feel you to the core with this. Makeup is makeup, it’s not one look one person everbody should do the same shit, meh.

    The comment section became too much for that particular video, urgh. Comment on the content sih please 😑.
    Thank you for speaking out about this,
    much love!! 💜


    1. *Huggy* I never took any comment personally, because I know people online don’t know my story, my interest, and what not. I don’t wanna brag, but sometimes “hate” comes from limited knowledge and tight mindset, and some people seem to show that through their words. Love back at you :*


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