Eyeliner, Values and Motherhood

It is a known thing that I do care where my money ends up after purchasing a new makeup. Who’s getting rich at the end of the line? Not buying Jeffree Star and Lime Crime products serve as the example. Not supporting a racist marketing is another. And now what about Kat Von D Beauty?

By now I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the whole Kat Von D’s plan about not vaccinating her baby. You might have heard/ seen how people defended or lunged at her for it. You might have, even better, decided which you support and value most.

It might be yesterday’s news, but this blog is not about what’s trendy. It’s about what’s provoking my thoughts. And this Kat Von D-vaccine thing has been bugging me, because…I’m still indecisive.

What am I gonna do with this creme contour, and my Trooper liner?

I knew Kat Von D not from her beauty line, but long before from my years of watching the show Miami Ink, L.A. Ink and the whole franchise. It’s hard not to adore Kat, the tattoo artist, just from the persona that she is; creative, bold, yet still vulnerable.

Then I started practicing cruelty free beauty, and of course, I value her cruelty free-vegan brand even more.

While I believe, from getting myself well-informed, that vaccinating our kids is not only beneficial for a baby’s health, but also a bigger society, I don’t think judging Kat is a wise thing.

You see: I don’t know what it feels like to be pregnant, getting deep into affectionate thoughts about raising a human being that will come out of my womb, and at the same time millions of people attacking me with something like, “Oooh tiny little baby coffins will look good on your next beauty campaign.”

Then watching my business falls from favour because of my motherhood views.

Some people choose to separate the person and the business. Meaning they will continue supporting Kat Von D Beauty (and the cruelty free values, the innocent employees at Sephora), while at the same time will just ignore the Kat Von D.

I don’t know, friends. I don’t know. I hate being told what to do, what to be. I’m a firm believer in, if I make an ill decision in life, I’ll be the one regretting it. Why should people bother. You know what I mean? If you think KVD has made a f*cked up decision, she’ll be the one getting f*cked up the best. You do you; whatever.

But I do know that, you can’t just “share my opinion” on social media once you have a huge following.

I do know that motherhood is a sensitive subject. And it’s very personal. Don’t go around  telling people how to be a mother.

Maybe she’ll change her mind. Wouldn’t that be great?

And after all said and done, I’m still indecisive.

Love, Annetta.

2 thoughts on “Eyeliner, Values and Motherhood

  1. Hi Kak Annetta, I’m really happy I can find a beauty blogger like you, been following you since you worked for Female Daily Network, I agree with some of your opinions and I disagree with some as well. One thing I concern about your writing here is the line when you implied that if someone makes a bad decision in their life then they are the one who will reap what they sow. Well, for this anti-vaccine thing I don’t think it is relevant since if a kid suffered from a disease which in nowadays medical world can be prevented by a vaccine, not only such kid will suffer but most likely other kids since it is a disease so there’s a probability it will be spread.
    But yes, I agree with the point of none should tell people how to be a mother (lol, no manual book written for being parents).

    Anyway, why don’t you support Jeffree cosmetics? The brand is cruelty-free since the beginning (kat von d just started the cruelty-free from 2016 if I’m not mistaken), not to mention the owner of the brand (Jeffree) is actually looked more decent nowadays and even in his “dear kat von d ….” video he looked more mature and bigger person than kat herself. Care to tell your story on this?

    thank you 😀


    1. Hi fabfatcat,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      About the “your decision, your consequence” part of this blog post, it is not to be taken out of context/ interpret independently. So if you read this post as a whole, I’m pretty sure you’ll get my whole opinion about the case. I myself would vaccinate my kids.

      I don’t blind support a brand just because it’s cruelty free. JS, Lime Crime and Jouer are some brands I don’t support for bad PR by the owners, racist remarks, bad costumer services, etc.

      Of course I don’t know every details about brand owners behaviors, and cannot guarantee the others that I support are all sweet and proper. But hey if they don’t take it online, showcasing it to the world, then I’ve got nothing to complain.

      Thank you xxx


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