#StayatHome and Be Grateful

The other day I stopped by my mom’s place to drop some quarantine supplies; canned foods, noodles, soaps and whatnot.

“We’re cool, we’re good,” my mom said referring to herself and my sister. They managed even after the last NYE’s flood and current Corona/ Covid-19-driven situation. Well, my mom opened the door for me in her cute little shorts and towel. I messaged her days before, to open all doors and windows as long as possible. Sunbathe for her lungs’ sake.

Obviously, she listened 😊

My mom and me on my wedding day.

Who’s not good are apparently my mom’s friends; the ones that feel like it’s the end of the world. Daily, not just recently.  I just watched and listened as my mom said, looking deeply concerned:

“I don’t even know what they’re complaining for. They say they don’t have this, that, then I see all the bling-blings they’re wearing. They still have their husbands, I don’t. They’re sleeping in their own houses, I rent mine. Why are they complaining?”

I just scoffed, knowing exactly those friends she mentioned.

Back home I thought to myself,

“Well you (my mom) are LITERALLY an angel on earth. Never complain. Always being grateful. You just can’t expect any human to be like so.”

I am serious, my mom is beyond human. Want more proof? There are a lot, but this one my mom just told me during my visit.

My mom visited a relative that (my word) betrayed my parents years ago, causing MAJOR material and emotional loss. Yet my mom visited their house twice, bringing fruits to the wife who’s now a sick widow and permanently in bed, sang and prayed at her bedside.

The widow literally cried.

I told you someone was not human.

My mom and baby niece.

This April marked one year since I left the hospital after my Gojek accident and brain hemorrhage. Life could be worse now, but the fact is it’s not. I literally have nothing to complain about, and a lot to be grateful for. Even after Gojek paid not even 20% of the hospital bill, somehow me and my husband didn’t lose a penny.

Sometimes I get (too) worried about things (let’s not go into details) but I’ll always remember what my mom says: that’s life and its dynamics. The day you stop facing challenges is the day you stop breathing.

I am wishing YOU the best health and productivity while you #StayatHome. Just gotta keep going, and be grateful.



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